GoodGhosthing Register Contracts


Hi dear DappRadar team,

We noticed some strange behavior with the automatic detection of our smart contract addresses in DappRadar.

We noticed that new GoodGhosting smart contract addresses (that are added to our Registry contract) on the Celo blockchain, are actually added to the list of tracked addresses on Polygon (by DappRadar).

For example: "0x01539f82a5820a927942154cbe12ae172a935423" (a GoodGhosting smart contract); which was added to the registry in this transaction. It shows up under the list of 'tracked smart contracts' on Polygon, rather than Celo.

Could you check what is going wrong here?
We suspect it could be a simple configuration issue.

For contracts on the Polygon blockchain we see everything behaving as expected.
It's just about Celo contracts not being added to the list of tracked smart contracts.

For reference, here is list of our deployed contracts and their respective networks: